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RPIA Client Webinars and Presentations


To view the replay for our recent webinars and virtual events, please select from the list below.

InvestED - Investor Education Videos

Investor Education: RP Strategic Income Plus Fund with David Matheson and Imran Dhanani

RP Strategic Income Plus Fund

In this segment of our Investor Education Series, Imran Dhanani and David Matheson discuss the five-year anniversary of RP Strategic Income Plus Fund. David reflects on how the strategy has performed over the past five years and what makes it unique.

May 2021

Investor Education: Alternative Fixed Income Strategies

Alternative Fixed Income Strategies

In this segment of our Investor Education Series, Imran Dhanani and Liam O'Sullivan answer all your questions about the challenges bond investors face in the current environment in bond markets and how a liquid alternative credit strategy can be an effective complement to traditional bond portfolios.

March 2021

Investor Education: An Introduction to SPACs

An Introduction to SPACs

In the pilot episode of InvestED, our Investor Education Series, Derrick Jumper and Liam O'Sullivan answer all your questions about SPACs and our views on how to capitalize on these opportunities from a fixed income perspective.

February 2021

Market Update Videos

The Evolution of ESG with Aaron Young and Liam O'Sullivan
Two men sitting at table with title: RPIA Market Update: Risk Management, February 2021

The Evolution of ESG

For our April 2021 Market Update, Aaron Young joins Liam O'Sullivan to discuss how we integrate ESG into our strategies and provide more insight on our sustainable investing philosophies, frameworks, and processes.

May 2021

A Conversation with the CEO

For our Q1 2021 Market Update, Richard Pilosof sits down with Liam O'Sullivan to share how he has managed the business during Covid-19 and work-from-home orders and what he has learned. They also discuss the current state of the market and what the outlook is moving forward. 

March 2021

February 2021 Market Update

Alex Evis and Liam O'Sullivan discuss Alex's background and risk philosophy, the changes he has made to the firm's risk framework, and his views on current market risks and tail risk hedging.

March 2021

External Engagements

Headshot of Richard Pilosof
Headshot of Mike Quinn

A Conversation with Richard Pilosof

Richard Pilosof speaks about his career trajectory to Covid-19 to philanthropy, and everything in between. Their candid conversation goes into detail about Richard’s many years of experience in the industry, what he has learned from the past year, and RPIA’s outlook as a firm going into 2021.

January 2021

Fixed Income in a Low Rate Environment

Mike Quinn, CIO, spoke on CFA Society Calgary’s inaugural Calgary Connects podcast episode about fixed income's place in a portfolio in a low rate environment, the impact of central bank actions, and what the large and growing level of government borrowing will mean as we move through the pandemic.

November 2020

Rethinking the Role of Fixed Income in the Institutional Portfolio Today

RPIA sponsored a breakout session featuring Liam O'Sullivan at AIMA Global Investor Forum 2020: Alternatives for a new future.

October 2020